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Ascari is a private company dealing with car manufacturing. This British corporation is related to automotive industry and has its headquarters in Banbury, England. It was founded in year 1995 by Klaas Zwart, a Dutch millionaire and has been named after Alberto Ascari, one of the most famous racing drivers of Italian origin who had the fortune of winning Formula One World Championship twice.

Ascari Logo

Ascari Logo

Brand Ascari has been fortunate in its launch of various automobiles that have made a distinctive mark of their own. It also is involved in developing and managing Race-Resort Ascari, a racetrack. This 5.5 km track is situated in south of Spain near Ronda. Associated resort and track was opened formally in year 2002 and includes three short-tracks. It operates on basis of membership fees where members have the advantage of using garages and pits.


After establishing Ascari automobile company, it launched Ecosse, its initial Limited-edition vehicle in year 1998. Only seventeen cars went for production and were released although at present there are only nine Ecosse in world as its production have been stopped. In 2003, it was replaced by a much finer version named KZ1.

2003 Ascari KZ1

Important features of Ecosse included V8 4.7 litre engine, twin-door coupe, 5-speed manual-transmission, rear-wheel drive, 400 horsepower, wishbone suspension, spaceframe chassis and a body weight of only 1,250 kg making it lightweight.

In year 2000, brand Ascari was involved in building a brand new facility in Banbury to develop its second car Ascari KZ1. It is primarily a sports car that has been named after its owner Klaas Zwart as KZ. It started its production in year 2003 and is still running strong. Owners of these beautiful automobiles have an opportunity to drive them at its Race-Resort in Spain. KZ1 has distinction of featuring in Top Gear, a British television show in November 2005.

Important features of KZ1 include V8 engine, variable-valve training, 94mm bore, 500 bhp, 550 Nm torque, 6-speed manual-transmission and cost price of 235,000 pounds. Each car is special as it requires handcrafting that lasts up to 340 hours.

 KZ1-R has adapted itself for racing and has been introduced in United SportsCar Championship, FIA GT3 European Championship and other national series. They are commonly identified as KZ1-R as they are very similar to KZ1. Produced in 2005, these racing cars are an improved version with an amazing exterior. It is a pure-bred road-car that has specifications of GT3 racer.

Ascari KZ1-R

Its improved specifications include updated front-lip spoiler for maximum down-force, extra-large and integrated racing wing, HID bulbs, aluminium-alloy wheels, carbon-fiber seats, carbon-fiber chassis and larger wheelbase. KZ1-R has stripped its luxurious settings in favour of less weight for a power-packed action on racing tracks.

Brand Ascari has launched A10 that has been engineered, designed and hand-built in Banbury and is available at a cost price of 350,000 pounds. Being a prototype automobile, it was intended as a road car. Its features include V8 engine with 625 bhp, carbon-fiber chassis, six-speed manual-transmission and lightweight at 1200kg.

Interest in Ascari brand has been on rise as the brand continues to raise its racing profile by venturing in to slot-car racing. Cars are available in more than 25 countries in professional stores. Ascari brand has been able to transform its dream into reality successfully.

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Ascari KZ1Reviews

Ascari KZ1Reviews