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Caterham is a private British company that is related to automobile industry. Founded in year 1973 by Graham Nearn, they specialize in sports car and have their headquarters in Crawley, Sussex. In year 2011, 27th April, this business concern was purchased by Tony Fernandes, owner of Team Lotus.

Caterham Logo

Caterham Logo

Caterham cars have been under guidance of a management team comprising of ex-Lotus members since year 2006. This team was led by its CEO Ansar Ali and COO Mark Edwards. Ansar Ali announced his resignation and his decision to leave the company in June 2012 and was succeeded by the company’s former CFO Graham Mcdonald.


Caterham automobiles are manufactured from highly popular aluminium sheet that are attached to Chassis of tabular steel. According to pre-conceived specifications wings and nosecone are made from carbon-fiber or GRP. They are super lightweight so as to increase speed and performance levels.

At first Brand Caterham restarted manufacturing Lotus Seven Series 4 but because of its unpopularity it transferred its attention to production of Series 3 in year 1974. Modern versions of Caterham named Superlight and Roadsports are direct versions of Lotus7.

Caterham Lotus 7

Car enthusiasts regard Lotus/Caterham 7 as an iconic and one of most amazing sports car of 20th century. Its continuous production bears testimony to an important fact that it enjoys immense support and remarkable success in clubman-style racing.

Caterham 7 is a sports car that is based on Lotus-Seven version and has been in production from year 1973. After production of Lotus seven was stopped by its original owners, Caterham bought its design rights and at present makes assembled cars and kits. Caterham 7 has a history of racing throughout its life span and has participated in competitive and club racing in UK, Canada, Continental Europe, Asia and United States of America.

Caterham Seven CSR is a sports car model with modified features that include twin engine options, 5-speed standard-transmission, weight of only 575 kg, extreme agility and excellent handling, low-end acceleration and light flywheel.


Caterham 21 was produced in year 1994 and had similar mechanisms to Caterham 7.Only 48 cars of this model were made as it failed to achieve desired success.  Its features included modified chassis with 7 spaceframe, wrap-around windscreen, latest GRP body and convertible top. It was lightweight and a proper roadster that sacrificed luxuries for speed and weight.

Caterham SP/300.R is track-only model with limited production of 25 per year.

Caterham academy was launched in year 1995 in a novice-format in UK. Entrée fess was 17,995 pounds and entrants received a Roadsport modified kit. Academy has been designed to take first few steps in well-established race-format chain.

Caterham F1 is a Formula-One team that was previously under Malaysian license and later British ownership. It participated in Formula-One World Championship from year 2012 – 2014. This team was later sold in July 2014 to Middle Eastern and Swiss investors.

Caterham Roadsports

Brand Caterham has launched three additions to its track-focussed vehicles named Seven 480, 360 and 270. These newest models are already on sale in UK and represent the brands five core-models. They adhere to the brands mantra of having fun through a combination of its traditional as well as latest technological approach.

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Caterham Superlight R300 Reviews