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Citroen is an automobile manufacturer with its base in Saint-Queen, France. In year 1919, a French industrialist by name of Andre-Gustave Citroen launched this vehicle company. At present, it is a part of its parent company PSA Peugeot Citroen. It serves a world-wide area except USA, Mexico, Canada and some parts of South Asia.

Citroen Logo

Citroen Logo


Brand Citroen has been associated with lots of firsts like self-levelling hydropneumatic suspension in year 1954 and revolutionary DS in 1955 that had modernized disc brakes. Swiveling headlights were introduced by the brand in year 1967 in many of its models to provide greater visibility on roads.

In year 1934, Citroen managed to uphold its reputation of providing innovative vehicles with Traction Avant. This car included front-wheel drive and was launched as world’s first mass-production unit. It was also first vehicle that included unitary-type body that did not have a chassis for holding its mechanical components.

1934 Citroen Traction Avant 7A

Citroen C1 is made for cities as its small dimension is perfect for parking. Available in three different versions like Flair, Feel and Touch, it offers a stylish look. The vehicle has a basic interior that looks cool and spacious for such a little car. It includes five-door and three-door variants. All models have basic features that include MP3 stereo, USB port, central locking and canvas roof. C1 hatchback is available between price range of 8,495 pounds and 12,680 pounds according to its specifications and variants.

Citroen C3 belongs to Supermini class and offers comfort and style. It is available as a five-door variant that has features like panoramic windscreen, qualitative interior, tight rear-seat space, spacious boot-space, soft suspension, petrol engine of VTR+ 1.4 litre. Citroen C3 is a capable cruiser that has enough speed on motorway.

Citroen C3

Citroen C4 Cactus is efficient and eye-catching and has a unique appeal because of its design and external features. It is often called a crossover and at times conventional hatchback. Its specifications and features include elegant dashboard, spacious interior, rubber-panel fittings on door, lightweight, options of three petrol and a single diesel engine that provide excellent fuel economy, soft suspension, light steering, a touch screen of dimensions seven inches, digital radio, air conditioning, alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity and frontal armrest.

Citroen C4 is economical and comfortable and is projected as a hatchback for small families. It is a bargain with impressive features like quality materials, options of petrol and diesel engine, supportive seats, enough boot space, traction control and six airbags.

Citroen Berlingo is a practical car with affordable price range and is a five-seater carrier.  It has impressive internal space with lots of room for baggage and people.

Citroen Berlingo

Brand Citroen has been a recipient of various national-level and numerous international awards to justify its existence as one of the best automotive brands in world. It has received the prestigious European Car of the Year thrice.

Citroen deals in products like commercial vehicles and automobiles and its services include Citroen Insurance. Vehicles from Citroen offer its consumers comfort and style with lots of innovative features. They are good value against money because of standard equipments and economical diesel-engines.

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