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DeLorean was an American company that became manufacturer of automobiles. It was founded in year 1975 in October by John DeLorean and had its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. John DeLorean was a business innovator and a capable engineer and later became the youngest executive of General Motors. He sought incentives from economic and government organizations so that he could construct facility for manufacturing of automobiles.

DeLorean Logo

DeLorean Logo

In 1978, October, construction work for this manufacturing plant started in Dunnmurry, and it took 16 months for its completion. Although production was supposed to start in 1979 but inevitable delays resulted in production in early 1981. Inexperienced workers contributed towards poor quality issues like door adjustments, higher-output alternators and panel fittings.


DeLorean DMC-12 or simply DeLorean is the single model that was produced by its brand DeLorean. It is a sports car that became known worldwide for its iconic appearance in film trilogy of Back to the Future.

Its first prototype was introduced in year 1976 in October and its productions started in 1981. During production time various features were changed including hood style, interiors and wheels. Nearly 9,000 vehicles were already built when its production was halted in 1983.

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Chief engineer of this American automotive brand was William T Collins. Originally the vehicle was supposed to have a Wankel rotary-engine and it was to be mounted centrally. Selection of engine was reconsidered and then it was changed to Cologne V6 from Ford Company. Even the location of engine was moved from central position to rear-engine location and installation.

An important change was of chassis. Initially it was planned that chassis was to be manufactured from an untried and untested new manufacturing technology called as ERM or elastic reservoir-moulding. It would help in lightening the weight of car and ultimately result in low cost of productions. But disaster struck and it was found that this new technology, which brand DeLorean, had patent rights to, was unsuitable for use. This was a big blow to the brand and its team.

Numerous changes to the original script and concept had occurred by this time and it resulted in schedule pressures. It felt as the vehicle DMC-12 required a complete overhaul and thus for its re-engineering it was turned over to an expert engineer. This was Colin Chapman who was also owner and founder of Lotus Cars. He decided to change most of the manufacturing techniques and unproven materials with Lotus products and materials.


DMC-12 was so named because of its supposed original price of 12,000 US dollars. In year 1981, the vehicle had an intended retail price of 25,000 US Dollars and people were willing to pay 10,000 US Dollars above its listing price because there was an extensive waiting list for its purchase. However, collapse of DeLorean brand resulted in purchase of unsold vehicles of this brand at less than the actual retail price.

Bizarre methods of construction, controversies and excessive sponge of innocent taxpayer’s money added to eclipsing of astonishing DMC-12. It was a dream that was never realised. Although it could have been brilliant, but poor cash flow and disappointing sales led to its disastrous downfall.

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DeLorean DMC-12 Reviews

DeLorean DMC-12 Reviews