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Gumpert is an automobile brand that deals in manufacturing supercars. It was founded by a German, Roland Gumpert, in year 2004. He is both owner and founder of this company and under his leadership and management; Gumpert has been able to create a market of its own. Headquarters of brand Gumpert is situated at Altenburg in Germany.

Gumpert Logo

Gumpert Logo

Roland Gumpert was previously associated with Audi Sport and in year 2001, he proposed a sports car of new generation. Audi approved his involvement on a condition that this sports car would not be a prototype instead it would be a series product. Gumpert continued with its development and two prototypes were constructed. This was the origin of Apollo and its production started in 2005, October.

In 2016, August, Gumpert declared bankruptcy and in 2016, January, Ideal Team Venture, a Chinese Consortium, purchased this company and renamed it Apollo Automobil GmbH. At Geneva Motor Show in year 2016, a hypercar, Arrow was unveiled by Apollo that had amazing features.


Gumpert Apollo has been manufactured and produced by automaker Gumpert. In year 2005 April, Apollo made its debut in racing at Divinol Cup. Car was driven by Ruben Maes, a Belgium race driver, and on Hockenheimring race-track, he finished at third position.

After three years in 2008, brand entered hybrid version of its original Apollo in 24 Hours Nurburgring. It was driven by Heinz-Harald Frentzen and Dirk Muller in month of May. Hybrid Apollo had twin-turbo V8 3.3 litre engine, electric motor and 512 horsepower. In year 2008 July, Apollo Sport was seen in Top Gear, A UK show to display its powers.


Apollo is a race car with a weight of nearly 1,100 kg to 1200 kg. It has a weight distribution of 42/58 front/rear respectively. This street legal vehicle has a rear-wheel drive and is mid-engine and includes two-seater. Its external features include construction of frame with tubular chromoly and body panels with carbon fiber or with fibreglass. Apollo comes with optimized design and has a speed of nearly 190 mph. It can cover 60 miles per hour in just three seconds. It is available in three types of engine like race version, sport version and base version.

Apollo has twin-turbo V8 4.2 cc engine with dry-sump lubrication and a metal crankcase with closed-deck light. It is suitable of putting 650 horsepower of impressive energy.  Metal cylinder is light and its head has four overhead-camshafts, five valves for every single cylinder, hydraulic-valve-clearance suspension and VarioCam. Exhaust system is double-flow and includes three-way catalytic-converter and four sensors of oxygen for monitoring gas mixture. Its modernized controls comprise of accelerator system that operates electronically, multipoint fuel-injection, electronic ignition with eight coil, and on-board diagnostic-system.


Internal cabin of Gumpert Apollo is suede and leather for all surfaces. It has a German machine and therefore is sturdy and strong on roads. Lots of modifications and innovative ideas have resulted in its amazing features and specifications. Apollo stands at its best when it comes to its grip on roads and its speed.

Gumpert Apollo, Apollo Race and Apollo sport are at present available in US, Middle Eastern and European markets only. Company has plans for exporting its vehicles to Russia, Asian region and Australia.

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Gumpert Apollo Reviews

Gumpert Apollo Reviews