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Jenson was a British brand that was connected to automotive industry. It was founded in year 1934 by brothers Richard Jensen and Alan Jensen. Brand Jensen was a manufacturer of commercial vehicles and sports cars with its headquarters in West Bromwich, England.

Jensen Logo

Jensen Logo

Brand Jenson manufactured specialized bodies of cars for other manufacturers. It also manufactured cars with their personal design and with help of mechanism and engines of other manufacturers like Chrysler, Austin and Ford.

The company went defunct in 1976 and rights to its trademark ‘’Jenson’’ were bought and operated from year 1998 to year 2002. Its partially completed vehicles and brand name were put up for sale to SV Automotive in year 2003. This automobile company of Carterton Oxfordshire was determined to complete 12 cars and it retained others as spare and later sold them at 38,070 pounds.


Brand Jenson in late 1930s diversified to manufacturing of commercial vehicles under JNSN and lightweight trucks constructed with unrestricted alloy aluminium for Reynolds Tube. During Second World War it concentrated solely on war efforts and therefore produced and manufactured components for vehicles that were used by military personnel. These included fire engines, ambulance and tank-turrets.

After war, Jensen produced lightweight diesel trucks under a new range of JNSN. Few coaches and buses were also manufactured for independent operators in 1950s. Brand was chosen to manufacture bodies for Austin Gipsy, a four-wheel drive. In year 1958, they manufactured Tempo minibus under license.

Jensen Tempo minibus

Austin A40 Sports was launched because of collaborations between two brands Jensen and Austin. It debuted in year 1949 at London Motor Show. Aluminium bodies for A40 Sports were manufactured by brand Jensen and transported later to Longbridge plant of Austin for final assembly. Nearly 4000 units were manufactured from years 1951 to year 1953 and it was intended and displayed as a sporty-touring car.

Austin-Healey 100– In year 1952, Brand Jensen won BMC contract because of Donald Healey’s design. It thus was able to build bodies for this vehicle as well as for rest of Healey cars.

Volvo P1800- Jensen in year 1960 won a Volvo contract for assembling and finishing P1800 coupe bodies. Body shells were manufactured at Linwood plant and later shipped to West Bromwich so that Jensen could finish, paint and trim the product and make it ready for distribution purposes. First batch arrived in year 1961, month of May for evaluation purpose. This was a British car with electrical system taken from Germany, back axle was of USA make and gearbox and engine had arrived from Sweden.

Sunbeam Tiger- Early 1960s saw brand Jensen involved in production and development of Sunbeam Tiger.

Jensen Sunbeam Tiger

In 2010, April, a new company was founded with its name Jensen International Automotive or JIA. It bought old interceptors of Jensen and after restoring sold them with new interior trim and new engine.

In 2015 February, a report was published by Autocar stating that brand name Jensen was being revived and under subsequent and different owners a new Jenson version was announced with help of two models by year 2016. One was Jensen GT and second was Interceptor2, successor to Jensen Interceptor.

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Jensen FF Reviews

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