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Kia is second largest car manufacturers in South Korea and has its headquarters in Seoul. This public limited company is associated with automotive industry and was founded in year 1945, January-11.

Kia Motors Logo

Kia Motors Logo

Kia served a worldwide area and had the distinction of producing some of the best vehicles in history. But in 1990s it faced financial difficulties that prevented further expanding. As a result it was acquired by a major automaker Hyundai of South Korea in a union in year 1998.


In its earlier years, Kia started its journey by producing parts of bicycle and steel tubing. In early 1950, Kia produced a bicycle that was a first for its country. By the time the decade came to an end Kia had diversified its operations in to motor scooters with help of its product C 100.

1960s was expanding years for brand Kia as it decided to extend its product line-up with cargo vehicles of three wheels and motorcycles. Next logical venture was stepping in production of automobiles and in 1973, brand Kia built a plant for manufacturing automobiles.

Plant at Sohari, is country’s first facility for automobile production. It later went on to make its first gasoline engine with internal combustion. Brand also launched Brisa, its first passenger-car. By the end of 1960s its technology was manufacturing amazing vehicles like Fiat 132 and Peugeot 604.

Kia Brisa

In 1980s, its product line-up included various new models like Pride, Potentia, Capital and Concord. In 1987, Brand Ford launched Pride in US markets as Ford Festiva and after seven years they replaced it with Aspire, another product from Kia.

Brand Kia started selling products under its brand name in US markets in early part of 1990s with launch of Sephia. This brand saw a gradual roll out as it was at first available in some of the western states and later nationwide with vehicles like Sportage.

At present the brand Kia under Hyundai is on an upswing and offers a vivid line-up that includes crossovers, sedans and coupes that proudly stands out with their style, value and features.

2016 Kia Sedona Minivan offers plenty of features, upscale style along with reasonable price range. It is a redesigned muscular model and becomes a compelling addition to families. Its features include V6 cylinders, gas engine with 276 horsepower, front-wheel drive, 6-speed shiftable-automatic transmission, Bluetooth connection, independent suspension, bucket-front seats, adjustable driver seat, remote options, clock, cruise control, rear-view camera, 4 speakers and USB connection.

2016 Kia Sedona Minivan

2016 Kia Sorento SUV is a sophisticated vehicle that is better and bigger with comfy ride. This mid-size crossover has user-friendly controls and attractive internal cabin. Its various features include gas engine with 185 horsepower and 178 lb-ft torque, 16 valves, variable-valve timing, independent suspension, 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, Bluetooth connectivity, 5 year basic warranty, bucket-front seats, remote locks, single touch power windows, cruise control, USB connection, turn signals visible in mirrors, and satellite radio.

Kia has seen tremendous success since it was acquired by Hyundai. It has made visible improvements in overall refinement, quality of materials and its performance. Confidence of consumer has been bolstered by its reliable products and its substantial warranty.

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