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Lancia is an Italian company that manufactures luxury cars. It was founded in year 1906 by two racing driver friends Claudio Fogolin and Vincenzo Lancia and its headquarters were made in Turin, Italy. In year 1969, Fiat Group took it under its leadership and its present company Lancia Automobiles S.P.A., was later established in year 2007.

Lancia Logo

Lancia Logo

Company has a habit of using Greek letters from its alphabet to name its models. In 70s and 80s it won various World Rally Championships. Lancia vehicles are now restricted to Italy only and includes Ypsilon range of supermini.


Lancia manufactured its first car Tipo 51 which was later named Alfa and it was in production from years 1907 -1908. In 1910, machinery and parts were exported to US for assembling and selling. In year 1915, the brand manufactured Jota, its first truck that continued as a series product. In 1913, it manufactured its first European car, Theta, which featured electrical system. 1948 saw 5-speed gearbox in 3-Ardea series and it used V6 engine in 1950 Aurelia. It became the first brand to use V4 engine, independent suspension and rear transaxles.

Special cars- In year 1957, brand Lancia made its first Limousine Lancia Florida, for Italian President. In year 1989, it made limousine version from its previous model Thema and in 1999, from Kappa. At Geneva Motor Show in year 2004, brand Lancia introduced another Limousine version made from its model Thesis.

Limousine Lancia Florida

Lancia has a tradition of building cars for racing, sports and touring. They have emphasized on sophisticated designs, appearance and quality at expense of reasonable pricing and power.

Lancia Beta Coupe is one of its classic cars and was in production from 1973 to 1985. It was second amongst its four-beta versions and had features like 93-inch wheelbase, shortened platform, tidy handling and twin-cam engines.

Flaminia Berlina was in production from 1957 to 1970 and was a grand vehicle. It had an elegant and stylish saloon, V6 engine and front-wheel drive that reflected brands modern thinking and approach.

Lancia Fulvia Coupe was in production from 1965 to 1976. It was an engineering masterpiece with timeless styling. Its features included 1216 cc engine, 80 horsepower, precision handling and accurate steering.

Lancia Ypsilon has been in production and consumer market since year 1996 and is still an active model.  This Italian supermini was a replacement for its previous model Y10. Brand Lancia has manufactured more than 870,000 vehicles of this model in its Melfi plant. This third-generation model is sold in United Kingdom, Japan and Ireland as Chrysler Ypsilon.

Lancia Ypsilon

Third-generation Lancia Ypsilon was introduced to world market at Geneva Motor Show in year 2011. It included few modifications and had features like horizontal stats replacing previous vertical stats, five-door body, Fiat Mini platform, rear-door handles and front-independent suspension. Cabin has five seats, numerous external colors, 2.39 meters wheelbase, bi-xenon headlights, LED rear-lights, 4 airbags, traction control, auto-start and stop options and stability control.

Lancia has been a brand name renowned in automotive industry for introducing and manufacturing some of the best models with various innovations. Its desire for new ideas, fixation for qualitative products, constant search for excellence, a complete process for construction and up-to-date production machinery resulted in exclusive and high quality model vehicles.

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