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Land Rover is a British manufacturer of four-wheel-drive vehicles. It was founded in year 1948 and owned by multi-national, British company Jaguar Land Rover. Since, 2008, this brand is in turn owned by an Indian manufacturing company Tata Motors.

Land Rover Logo

Land Rover Logo

Land Rover is an automotive brand in United States that deals solely with SUV products. Its vehicles are replete with luxurious settings that include leather upholstery and reminder of hunting lodges. These vehicles are trail-busters endowed with capable features to tackle rough and tough terrain.


Two brothers of British origin, Maurice and Spencer, were impressed by versatility and rugged looks of Jeep used by US army after second World-War. In coalition with Rover, a British manufacturer, they created and manufactured their first Land Rover in year 1948. It was known as Series 1 and was equipped with features like optional doors, canvas roof and four-wheel drive.

Land Rover Series 1

1950s saw a definite refinement and increased power in manufacturing of Land Rovers. In year 1958, Series II was launched with additional horsepower and sills to disguise chassis and exhaust. During this time a Rover was produced with diesel power and it was first of its kind. During 1961 to 1971, people saw production of series IIA.

Range Rover from Land Rover had its debut in year 1970 and this consumer oriented vehicle was equipped with aluminium body and V8 engine.  Automaker Land Rover took its first official steps in US automotive market in year 1987 with debut of Range Rover on American soil and followed by Discovery in year 1989.

Extreme popularity of SUV segment in 1990s made the brand more consumer-conscious. Therefore its later vehicles still retained its rough and tough attitude but became more stylish and luxurious.

Product line-up of Land Rover continued to increase. Freelander was introduced in late 90s. This sport-ute was compact and was the first to offer hill-descent controls. It simply increased manoeuvrability while descending by braking automatically and keeping a check on speed.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV  has the ability to drive on any terrain like muddy trails or snow-choked roads. It is a mid-size SUV with an additional gusto to capture consumer market. Its vital features include a brand new home-screen for infotainment system, InControl-Protect system, inline four cylinders, gas engine, all-wheel drive, 9-speed auto-transmission, heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity, numerous external colors, independent suspension and four year basic warranty. Its internal cabin has a driver seat with options of height adjustments, leather upholstery, bucket-front seats and reclining rear-seats. For entertainment it has stereo, 10 speakers and USB connection.

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Diesel is a classically styled vehicle. Its upgraded features include a new and latest diesel V8 engine with 550 horsepower, progress control for All-Terrain, updated and latest infotainment system, hands-free tailgate, HSE trim and air suspension that operates automatically to provide easy exit and entry. Its standard features include leather upholstery, cruise control, USB connection, video monitor, 13 speakers, DVD player and 1 subwoofer.

At present Land Rover as a brand is known world-wide for producing luxurious SUVs. These have amazing features, innovative ideas and comfortable settings along with style and amazing design to provide one of the best possible rides.

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