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Maybach was a manufacturer of cars of German origin. This brand was founded in year 1909 by Wilhelm Maybach and his son Karl Maybach. In year 1960, Daimier-Benz acquired Maybach and started operations as a luxury brand.

Maybach Logo

Maybach Logo

Maybach was known for creating automobiles that were a bit expensive but exclusive and worth every penny. Vehicles were customised to suit individual taste of every single customer. A customer has the option of choice from numerous colors and various interior furnishings. Vehicles are then prepared according to customer satisfaction. Maybachs are not available on dealer’s lot, but has to be ordered specially by visiting its dealers and placing orders directly.


Wilhelm was the first automotive engineer of Germany and was responsible for designing first car in 1901 with a Mercedes badge. He later joined forces with Graf Zeppelin for designing and manufacturing specialized engines for airships. These were known as Zeppelins.

 In 1919, along with his son, he crafted first Maybach. Type W1 was supported on Mercedes-Benz chassis and this project was an experiment designed for providing Maybach an opportunity for test-driving few engineering concepts.   After a couple of years this prototype was evolved in to a vehicle specially made for public use. It was named Maybach Type W3 and it debuted in 1921 at Berlin Motor Show.

Maybach Type W3

Other models followed this version. In year 1929, brand Maybach unveiled its latest creation Type Zeppelin DS 8. It displayed remarkable timelessness and durability and became one of the best vehicles for its brand. This car had some important features like a capable and strong V12 engine with 200 horsepower. It also had the ability to reach a maximum speed of 93 mph.

In year 1936, brand Maybach saw the launch of Limousine named Type SW 38. It had some very innovative internal features as it offered its customers luxurious seating arrangement for seven people with help of two seats that had folding options and five benchmark seats. Maybach as a brand had a very short-lived era. By year 1941, brand Maybach decided to stop its production of automobiles. The company for time being shifted its attention to producing quality and powerful engines to marine, military and rail purposes.

Maybach as a brand was resurrected in year 2003 by Daimler-Benz. It took considerable efforts and at last a product line was set up that included two models of luxury sedan, 57 and 62. They were given company after six years by Landaulet. Also known as 62, it was ultra posh vehicle with top over rear section. That enabled rolling back in case of quasi-convertible motoring.

2007 Maybach 62S Landaulet

Present Maybach vehicles are handmade in Germany to suit customer orders. Maybach has a focussed line-up of only three touring cars that are incredibly extravagant. They are Maybach 57 Sedan, Maybach Landaulet Convertible and Maybach 62 Sedan.  These models have luxurious internal cabin and extremely smooth and powerful twin-turbo V12 engines. A six-figure starting price tag guarantees a rich and suave buyer for whom quality takes precedence over money. Few chosen ones are lucky enough to afford Maybach vehicles as they are ultimate in automotive extravagance.

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Maybach 62 Reviews