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McLaren is a manufacturing company of British origin that is associated with automobile industry. Its headquarters are located in Woking, Surrey and it produces sports cars and luxury vehicles. It was founded by Bruce McLaren in year 1963 and serves a global area.

Mclaren Logo

Mclaren Logo

Brand achieved high success and profits in years 2013 to 2015 with record sales and vehicle deliveries to consumers around thirty markets.

McLaren‘s retail market has expanded with record growth in all regional business-units with 80% increased sales in year 2014 only. North American consumer market remains its largest with Europe and Middle East following it closely. By year 2017, brand has an expansion plan that includes production of more than 4000 units and in establishing a network of 100 retailers in key markets of the world.


McLaren roped in Tyler Alexander and Teddy Mayer as principal partners. His main revenue source was American Sports Car and he along with his team built a racing car M1A. Twenty four units were produced and its successor was M1B. He launched his first F1 car M2B in year 1965 at Monaco Grand Prix.  It had features like construction from high-tech aircraft-material and powerful and strong engine that was a version of Ford V8 engine.

McLaren F1

McLaren was always keen to test himself and his skills as an entrepreneur, designer and innovator. He had high hopes of building a vehicle with quickest and fastest acceleration and highest specifications.  He was actually interested in building a sports car that was street-legal and continuing with his efforts he launched a Coupe, McLaren GT. It was a prototype and was loud, low and light with estimated 165 mph top speed. It was able to cover in eight seconds, 0 to 100 mph.

Building 250 production units of M6GT were never realised because of the demise of McLaren in a testing accident in 1970. Despite its origin in 1963, McLaren Automotive was relaunched in year 2010 as a brand with long-term goals and a new car every year.

McLaren M6GT

2015 McLaren 650S Spider Convertible is an elite super car with stunning performance, updated looks and more power. It is one of the best cars the roads have ever seen because of its precision handling, thrilling speed and responsive steering. Its external body structure is made from aluminium and it has a mid-mounted engine of V8 3.8 litre that has been supported by 641 horsepower.

The car looks aggressive, strong, powerful and menacing, thus increasing its popularity amongst its male buyers. Brand McLaren has updated software to provide friendlier 7-speed dual-clutch transmission in accordance with both smooth city and rough back roads. Its standard features comprises of LED headlights, carbon-ceramic brakes, heated mirrors, adaptive suspension, cruise control, USB port and Bluetooth connection.

2015 McLaren 650S Coupe is a trendy vehicle with impressive features like rear-wheel drive-train, V8 gas engine, fuel economy of 16/22 mpg, 7-speed auto-manual transmission, heated seats, numerous options in internal and external color schemes, independent suspension, compass, clock, cruise control, power steering, USB connection, four speakers, stereo and Bluetooth connection.

2015 McLaren 650S Coupe

McLaren as a brand is renowned for providing individual attention to every detail. It is also known for technological innovations that feature comprehensively in its vehicles.

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