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Morgan is a private British brand with dealings in automobile manufacturing. It was founded by Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan in year 1910 and has its headquarters in Malvern, England. It produces distinguished and exclusive cars that have a waiting list from six months to years. Factory boasts of a museum and a visitor centre that provides a guided tour and exhibits its history, displays various automobiles and emphasizes on its developing technologies. Since year 2011, Morgan is a division of Morgan Technologies.

Morgan Logo

Morgan Logo


First car designed by Morgan brand was a three-wheeled runabout and which had one single seat. Henry Morgan had fabricated it for his personal use in 1909 and later he decided to patent this design and started on its production. In year 1911, he displayed both single and double seat versions at Olympia Motor Exhibition and positive response to his versions led him to believe in their success. In 1912, he registered Morgan Motor Company as private limited and himself as its managing director.

In 1933 at Olympia Motor Show, Morgan F-4 was displayed. It had four-cylinder engine, pressed-steel chassis and four-seat body. It was succeeded by F-2 in year 1935 and F-Super with bonnet tops and cycle-type wings in year 1937. Three-wheelers remained in production till year 1952. In year 1936, Morgan as a brand released 4-4 Series and it had four wheels along with four cylinder-engines.

Morgan F-4

In year 1950, company introduced +4 as a much larger Standard-Vanguard engine vehicle with 2088 cc. In 1969, it suspended its production but in 1985 again resumed it. Another version +4+ were in production from years 1964 till 1967. It had a contemporary coupe body of fibreglass, reduced-drag characteristics and was lightweight.  Only twenty six units were produced and in year 2014, this limited edition model was re-introduced as Plus4 Super-sports. Only sixty cars are supposed to go in production with main feature being right-hand drive.

In year 2004, Morgan manufactured MK I Roadster. It had V6 engine and 223 horsepower and Getrag gearbox. In later years, the Roadster II was powered with V6 engine and 204 horsepower. In year 2011-12, Roadster 3.7 was introduced with 280 horsepower and Duratec-Cyclone engine.

In 2000, Morgan Aero 8 was launched with metal chassis and BMW V8-engine. Production continued from 2002 till 2009 with five versions from I to V. In 2009 its production was cancelled but later resumed in 2015. Aeromax followed Aero with only one hundred limited units produced from 2008 to 2010. In 2009, another version of Aeromax named Morgan Aero SuperSports was launched with lower bodywork and aluminium chassis. In 2015, March its production was stopped. Morgan Aero Coupe was introduced in year 2011 and its production ceased in 2015.

Morgan Aero 8

Morgan Plus 8 was launched in year 2011 with a combined version of Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports with same engine, suspension, bodywork and aluminium chassis. In year 2012 at Geneva Motor Show, Morgan Plus E was unveiled with an electric-version of typical classical Morgan. Morgan announced its new model Morgan Eva GT new magnesium technology but in year 2013, its dealers confirmed cancellation of this vehicle.

Morgan has always emphasised on traditional designs, latest technology and quality performance. Enthusiasts are always on a lookout for a new and latest version of Morgan Automobile.

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