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Noble has its origin in British soil and is a manufacturer of Sports cars. It is a private company established by Lee Noble in year 1999 and has its headquarters in Leicester, England. Lee Noble was the owner as well as chief designer of his company. In year 2006, he sold his company and in year 2009, formed another company Fenix Automotive.

Noble Logo

Noble Logo


Noble is a company with low-production. It launched its vehicle Noble M10 in year 1999 with features like convertible form, two -seater, and twin door and 2.5-litre engine. It was later replaced by Noble M12 that was planned both as a convertible and a coupe. Model was two-seater model powered with turbocharged V6 engine and had twin doors. It was stiff and extremely lightweight with steel cage, steel frame and fibreglass body parts. M12 was made both for track and roads and had a rigid feel. It evolved as four variants with different capacity engine and horsepower.

M12 was succeeded by a track variant M400. As the name suggests it had 425 horsepower, 5-point harness and 3-point seatbelt. Its important features include T28 turbo- forged pistons, stiffer springs, front anti-roll-bar, different shocks, gear shifter was very smooth and a narrow central tunnel. Its external qualities included Gris wheels, integrated side pods to create a beautiful impact and to enhance air inside the system. Internal cabin had an extra oil gauge that was placed near boost one. Seats were sparco alcantara and hence beautiful and resulted in less body-weight.

Noble M12

Noble M400 in year 2005 won Car of Year award. It is an outstanding vehicle that is simply amazing as a track-car. M400 was built as a limited version and hence only seventy five units were built making it one of the most sought after and rare versions.

Brand Noble launched its new Noble M14 at British Motor Show in year 2004. It was able to generate quite an interest but later company decided against its production and instead decided to launch M15. This vehicle was intended for a broader market and was expected to have features like electric windows, traction control and ABS. later the company issued a directive stating that M15 would be produced at a later date with various modifications and features a bit different than displayed in 2006.

Press release also stated that M15 would be more quick and fast than M400 with a top speed 185 mph. Its other features would be longitudinally-mounted engine, spaceframe of aluminium/steel, bespoke gearbox, double-wishbone suspension, twin-turbo V6 3.0 litre engine with horsepower of 455. Noble M15 was designed to gain approval from US and Europe because of its ability to pass test regulations easily.

Noble M15

Brand Noble has produced a new car Noble M600 with twin-turbo-charged engine of V8 and 650 horsepower, 6-speed gearbox and a body shell of carbon-fibre. It weighs 1,300 kg and has steel brake-discs. This British supercar is an all-out driver car and only fifty units will be manufactured annually.

Noble was always interested in producing vehicles, in fact supercar that people could use in their every-day life. The company emphasized on style, practicality and refinement. These were its main mantra and it was able to deliver on its promises making it a popular and well-known brand in automobile market.

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