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Pagani Automobili S.p.A. is a manufacturer of sports cars with Italian origin. This private company was founded in year 1992 by Horacio Pagani and he based its headquarters at San Cesario sul Panaro, MO, in Italy. Horacio was an Argentinean based in San Cesario and had launched Pagani Composite Research in year 1988. This company worked with brand Lamborghini on different projects like design concept of P140, Lamborghini LM002 and Diablo.

Pagani Logo

Pagani Logo


During 1980s, Pagani became interested in designing a car of his own and referred it as C8 project. He had already decided to rename C8 to Fangio F1 in honour of his closest friend Manuel Fangio, five-time champion of Formula-1.

In year 1991, in order to meet the escalating demand for his engineering, design and prototyping services, he launched Modena Design.   Construction work for his ambitious Fangio F1, a prototype, began in year 1992, and by year 1993, it was completed and vehicle was allowed to test at Dallara with successful results. Mercedes-Benz in year 1994, agreed on supplying of V12 engines to Pagani. Supposed cost of this car was nearly 2.3 million dollars. Zonda C12 was presented to world at Geneva Motor Show in year 1999.

Pagani with its model Zonda Revolucion has come up with a winner as it is a dream car that one always wants to own irrespective of its cost price. This is the fastest vehicle ever produced by brand Pagani and has a base price of just 2.8 million. A huge sum no doubt but worth every penny to an enthusiast.  It is an extreme version of its track-car series.

Pagani Zonda Front

Zonda Revolucion is a stunning track special vehicle equipped with V12 AMG engine of 6.0 litre and an amazing 800 horsepower with 6-speed magnesium-transmission. It is a powerful combination no doubt that would yield tremendous power and fantastic results. Its mid-mounted engine has been produced by AMG division of Mercedes-Benz.

Inspirational design and features include numerous unique elements. Weight of this vehicle surprises everybody at just 2,359 pounds and this is because of carbon-titanium monocoque. An important feature is traction-control system with twelve varied settings and revised anti-lock system on brakes. Other components of this vehicle include vertical stabilizer that is rear-mounted and new deflectors on its hood. Rear-wing has drag-reduction system with two operating modes directed by driver.

Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra debuted in year 2011 with a press release. Its official launch was in 2011, March at Geneva Auto Salon. Named after Incan wind god, it has very impressive features. Production is expected at only 40 units per year at a base price of 1,000,000 pounds. Its features include M158 engine from AMG division of Mercedes-Benz. It has twin-turbo V12 6.0 engine with an astonishing 720 horsepower and its torque is 740 lb-ft. It has 7-speed sequential-cross-transmission, and displacement of 5,980 cc, and is very light in weight as its body is constructed from titanium and carbon-fiber. It has a top speed of 235 mph making it one of the fastest cars.

Brand Pagani is interested in producing vehicles that provide an amazing experience to individuals who desire a thrilling track experience in an intuitive machine and safe circumstances. It has achieved its aim successfully by pleasing its customers.

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Pagani Zonda Reviews

Pagani Zonda Reviews