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Plymouth was a brand for manufacturing automobiles. It had its origin in United States and was founded by founder of its parent company Chrysler in year 1928, 7th July. Brand later went under leadership of Daimler Chrysler. Headquarters of Plymouth were in Auburn Hills, Michigan and it dealt in products like cars and minivans. In year 2001, production of its models was stopped or they were rebranded as brand Plymouth was withdrawn from automotive market.

Plymouth Logo

Plymouth Logo


Plymouth vehicles were actually an attempt by brand Chrysler to enter low-priced automobile market. Although these vehicles were a bit high priced than their competitors but their standard features like internal-expanding hydraulic-brakes helped them to counter competition. At the beginning Plymouth automobiles were sold only through dealership of brand Chrysler offering reasonable-price alternative to high-price Chrysler vehicles.

During 1930s, brand Plymouth was a saviour for its parent company. Because of great depression, many car companies were suffering great loses and at such tiring times brand Plymouth helped significantly because of its low price vehicles. It ensured survival of its own brand and its parent company as various Plymouth vehicles were sold by each of the three divisions of Chrysler. It was a bright spot for brand as it rose to third position by year 1931 in terms of sales volume.

In year 1931, a new model PA was launched by the company and it introduced Floating power for the first time. In 1933, brand Chrysler decided to pay attention to its engine cylinder. In 1933, Deluxe was introduced with 112-inch wheelbase, radiator shell and DP front-fenders.  It was a successful venture and was in production to increase brand sales. In year 1937, it decided to add various safety features like flat dash-board that included recessed controls. To help the occupants of rear seats brand decided to add extra padding at backside of front seats. It was sold to overseas market like Australia, UK, Denmark and Sweden as Chrysler Kew.

Plymouth Deluxe

In year 1939, brand Plymouth had a production of 417,528 units out of which 5,967 units were convertible coupes with twin door and rumble seats. It was featured at New York World’s Fair in year 1939 and was advertised as a convertible with power-folding top and first mass-production vehicle.  Its essential features were flathead six-engine, eighty two horsepower and 201cu.

Plymouth brand was a top-selling automobile brand in year 1941 and became producer of most popular vehicles. In year 1957, cars were manufactured with advanced styling and its total production reached 726,009 units. This created a record for the company as it surpassed previous production by 200,000 units.

Success story could not carry forward as 1957-58 models failed because of spotty build-quality, poor and cheap materials and inadequate protection against corrosion. These vehicles were prone to rusting and damaged reputation of Chrysler to a great extent. After year 1954, brand Chrysler made various attempts to manufacture and market a viable car, but all its attempts proved unsuccessful.

Plymouth 1954

In 1965, brand launched Fury models and in 1978 introduced Plymouth Horizon, a compact car. By the end of 1990s, Plymouth as a brand started losing its identity and its line was subsequently dismantled.

During its existing years, brand Plymouth was one of the beloved brands of consumers and a best seller in terms of vehicles sold.

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