Russian Car Brands Names – List and Logos of Russian Cars

Russian car brands can be nothing when compared to the American car companies; they still have a very important role to play in the global automobiles market. They gained the importance mainly during the communist era and this was the time when the cars made by the Russian automobiles companies were exported to various countries. Russia is also known to be the 15th largest car manufacturer in the world.

Listed below are some of the well known car brands from Russia makers.


Lada Car Makers Logo

Lada is one of the oldest and the popular automobiles makers who are still into manufacturing of vehicles and they have their cars being exported to almost all the counties across the world. This is one car brand which has embraced the western designs in its makes from the very beginning. Their vehicles provide the basic comfort which gets you from one place to another.


Volga Car Brand Logo

Volga was started in the year 1946 and it manufactures cars till date. This is known to be a product which emerged out of alliance from the Ford and the USSR and the very first model was started in the year 1956. The vehicles designed by this car brand do remind one of the defined and the sleek outlines of the Ford. During one time, this automobile brand has indeed has became a trademark and was purchased only by lawyers or political representatives and doctors.

There were a number of vehicles that were made by Volga and the latest makes from this brand are used for cabs and for police cars. They stopped their production in the year 2007 and this has thus made the cars from Volga, the most wanted Vintage cars. It is said that President Putin is an ardent fan of Volga car brand.


Zil Car Brand Logo

If we talk about those amazing limousines, then we cannot stop talking about these luxury vehicles from ZIL. Though these cars were not so famous outside the Soviet Union but one could have seen many of these autos driving the government officials. One of the famous models in this was the Zavod Imeni Likhachova which is an armored vehicle and it is also said that Joseph Stalin was one of those famous personalities associated with this car brand.


Moskvich Auto Makers Logo

Moskvich is another popular auto brand which carries the Russian spirit. Though the vehicles from this brand have a dull look, they were quite popular for their features and the comfort provided. The very first product production was initiated in the year 1949 and it was started with 24000 vehicles. Moskvich car brand grew in the early seventies as well as eighties. It was after the year 2009 that this auto brand was taken over by the automobile giant Volkswagen.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other active car manufacturing companies that were popular in Russia. Some of them are mentioned below.


GAZ Car Brand Logo

Shortened as GAZ, Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, is a Russian car makers company founded in 1932. The company was initially called’ Novgorod’, however after an year is was called as GAZ. It truly is the top automobiles maker of commercial vehicles in Russia and specializes in creating powertrains car components, automobiles, heavy duty buses, trucks, and medium-duty and light-commercial vehicles.


UAZ Car Brand Logo

Ulyanovsky Zavod, shortened as UAZ, is an automobile manufacturer based in Russia that largely focuses on creating vans, buses, off road vehicles, and SUVs. Further more, this Russian car company manufactures military vehicles, the most well-known being the UAZ-469.0020. The organization has now changed into among the most well-known auto vehicle suppliers in Russia and began manufacturing automobiles as a piece of the Soviet War Effort.