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Shelby SuperCars have been renamed as SSC North America and is a well-known manufacturer of automobiles. It is a private company with American origin and was established by Jerod Shelby in year 1998. Headquarters of company are based at West Richland in Washington, America. As the name suggests, brand Shelby specializes in manufacturing of sports cars.

Shelby Logo

Shelby Logo


Brand Shelby in year 2008 made an announcement that it would be opening an automobile showroom in Dubai. It was also was expecting a launch of its first prototype in year 2009, in month of February. In a press release this vehicle was advertised as a car that is able to recharge in just ten minutes from an outlet of capacity 240 V. It was criticized as an exaggeration and ultimately this press release was withdrawn after excessive pressure from related officials.

SSC Ultimate Aero is manufactured by brand Shelby and projected as a sports car with mid-engine. Its production started in year 2006 and lasted till year 2013. It had an official timing of 256.14 mph. This automobile is a 2-door coupe with rear-wheel drive-train, rear mid-engine with specifications like V8 6.9 litre in year 2013. Although its initial horsepower was 782, it increased to 908 after its upgrade in year 2005. Its other characteristics included dry weight of 1,234 kg, 7200 rpm redline, initial torque of 634 lb-ft that upgraded to 771 lb-ft after year 2005 and a top speed 242 mph.

SSC Ultimate Aero

After various models and versions, brand launched Ultimate Aero XT in year 2013. It was specially built as a mark of celebration before stopping its production. Only five units were manufactured with specifications and features that included twin-turbo V8 6.9 litre engine of all-aluminium and with paddle-shifted 7-speed gearbox. It had 1,004 lb-ft torque and 1,300 horsepower. It’s dry and curb weight were 1,270 kg and 1,293 kg respectively and redline was at 9200 rpm. Aero XT had an estimated highest speed of 256 mph.

SSC Tuatara is a sports car launched by brand Shelby. This American vehicle was announced as a next generation vehicle by brand Shelby in year 2011 on 17th July. According to its company, Tuatara will be using billet-aluminium engine that has been designed by brand itself. It will have twin-charged engine with specifications like V8 6.9 litre and horsepower 1,350. Its torque is 1,280 lb-ft and weight 1,250 kg because of aluminium crumple-zones and body construction of carbon-fibre. This signifies that it will be able to manage power-weight ratio of nearly 1,000 hp every tonne.

SSC Tuatara

This two-door coupe has displacement of 423.6 cc, 9200 rpm redline, multiport-fuel injection, mid-engine rear-wheel drive, rear and front brakes and triple-disc clutch. Vehicle uses premium-unleaded fuel and has 7-speed manual as well as paddle-shift transmission. Its estimated top speed is at 276 miles every hour.

Brand Shelby deals in automotive industry and serves a global area with various networks around the world. It is the manufacturer of SSC Aero, a record holder. According to Guinness World Records SSC was fastest-production car in world. It held to its title until the arrival of another fast vehicle Koenigsegg One: 1 in year 2014.

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