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Spyker is a company that deals in automotive industry. It has Dutch origins and is a manufacturer of sports cars. It was founded by joint efforts of Victor Muller and Maarten de Brujin in year 1999 and since that time the brand has been dealing exclusively in sports cars. Its headquarters are based at Zeewolde in Netherlands.

Spyker Logo

Spyker Logo

During difficult period when bankruptcy was eminent, then in year 2011, Swedish Automobile announced its sale. Later the brand confirmed reports that suggested that it had deliberately embraced bankruptcy so that it could once again stand up by reorganizing its finances. In early 2015, declaration of bankruptcy was reverted and company continued with its sports cars production process.


Brand Spyker’s first production C8 debuted at Birmingham Motor Show. Production for Spyker C8 started in year 2000 and since that time, brand has sold twelve of its variants. C8 Spyder is its original model with features like twin-turbo V8 4.2 litre engine. This vehicle had an estimated maximum speed of 186 mph. Its Double versions had a modified framework with larger fuel-tank and longer wheel-base.

C8 Preliator is its latest model and was publicized officially at Geneva Motor Show in year 2016. It was announced that production will commence for only fifty units and this vehicle will have features comprising of V8 4.2 litre engine that will produce 525 horsepower. Maximum estimated speed of C8 is 322 km/h. Vehicle has an option of 6-speed ZF-automatic or 6-speed manual-Getrag transmission. Keeping in touch with its previous models it has a time-tested aviation-inspired design. Upgraded driver technology has resulted in gaining added features like Bluetooth connectivity and heads-up display.

Spyker C8 Preliator

Spyker C12 was a luxury sports vehicle that was supposed to go in production in two different variants. Spyker C12 La Turbie and Spyker C12 Zagato were to be produced in years 2006 and 2007 respectively. La Turbie has 25 units to its name and they have all been sold.

Spyker C12 La Turbie is the first vehicle of brand to include 6.0 litre engine with 500 horsepower, 600NM torque, 6-speed manual-gearbox, two compartments for luggage, long wheel-base and a top speed of 325 km/h.

Spyker C12 Zagato is a luxury vehicle with mid-engine and rear-wheel drive. Its important features include styling interior, scissor doors, W12 6.0 litre engine, 500 horsepower and 5-speed automatic-gearbox. Brand Spyker plans to manufacture only 24 units.

Spyker D12 was announced in year 2006 at Geneva Motor Show as a top-quality SUV. Mass-production was delayed and later its name was changed to D8 with some vital modifications. Although attempts were made to start its production but it could not bear fruit. Eventually brand Spyker announced its withdrawal. Another vehicle that was planned but could not reach production was Spyker E8/E12.

2006 Spyker D12

Spyker cars have featured in videogames, movies etc. Its model C8 Laviolette was seen in movies like War and Basic instinct 2. Some of its models like C8 Spyder, C8 Double 12 S and C8 Aileron have taken part in various video games. Brand Spyker believes in manufacturing exotic sports vehicles that can boast of inspiring designs and impressive performance.

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Spyker C8 Laviolette Reviews

Spyker C8 Laviolette Reviews