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TVR is a private company that has connections in automotive industry. This British corporation was founded in year 1947 and has its base at Guildford in England. Company manufactures automobiles, especially sports cars and also deals in automotive parts.

TVR Logo

TVR Logo

It is world’s third-largest manufacturer of sports car and offers varied range of convertibles and coupes. For 2017, brand TVR along with its partners Cosworth and Murray has decided to launch some of its newest vehicles with latest technology.


In year 1949, first chassis was built by company and used it for TVR Number One. Later both Two and Three were also built. In year 1953, company started on a new chassis and twenty of these were built. TVR Sports Saloon was offered for sale at 650 pounds in year 1954. With this product TVR company started its advertisement in brochure for very first time. First Sports-Saloon reached its complete production in 1954 and it was exposed in Morecambe Rally and later at other events to gain recognition.

TVR Vixen was in production from years 1967 to 1973.  These sports cars were designed and hand-built in Blackpool. It had a glass-fibre body fitted to chassis of tabular-frame. Other features included double-wishbone suspension and front-disc brakes. Its range included Vixen Series 1 launched in year 1967. 117 units were built and later in year 1968, TVR launched S2 with longer wheelbase, restyled bonnet, updated tail-lamps, leather steering-wheel and improved panel. Later its S3 version had some modifications with alloy wheels, 4-cylinder engine and its bonnet had heat-extraction vents. S4 was final version with Vixen body-shell.

TVR Vixen

TVR Chimaera is a convertible manufactured from year 1992 to year 2003. This sports car was intended for long distance usage and had aluminium V8 3.5 litre engine. It had 5 inches ground clearance. Its features included independent suspension, double wishbone of unequal length, rear and front disk-brakes assisted by rear/front split-dual-circuits. For rear-wheels, it had cable-operated hand-brake. Steering wheel was covered in leather and was 14 inch-diameters. It also had an optional power-assisted mode.  Manufacturer’s options included air conditioning, heated seats, rear speakers, chrome and wooden steering wheel and wool carpets.

TVR Cerbera was manufactured from year 1996 to year 2003 and was first hard-top of company. This sports car was a coupe and a prototype that was launched at Birmingham Motor Show in year 1994. Cerbera was designed as four-seater with front seats bigger than rear seats. Internal cabin is designed in such a manner that passenger seat can easily slide a bit forward. This vehicle is very light with a weight of 1100kg. Specially designed dashboard included two-spar steering-wheel so that minor instructions on panel that is below steering wheel can be read easily and it has a V8 engine.

TVR Cerbera

In late 90s TVR Company started working on a racing car with modern composites. Originally the name of this vehicle was TuscanR but was later changed to TVR T400R. Between year 2000 and 2004 seven race-cars were manufactured. This was a two-door coupe with TVR 6-speed powertrain.

Brand TVR is known for building vehicles that are exceptionally powerful, are compact in size and are lightweight. Its vehicles are eagerly awaited in consumer markets.

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